SAS Overview

SAS has been widely used across industries especially in financial services, retail, telecom, Pharmaceutical and other industries. There are a plenty of job opportunities and requirements for the analytics with strong SAS knowledge both for Data Analytics & Business Intelligence.

A strong data analytics understanding and SAS programming skills will help individual in building a great career in analytics.

SAS Institute offers various products and solutions. In addition to analytical tools and packages, it also offers other solutions such as Real Time Decision Manager (RTDM), Customer Intelligence Studio, Marketing Automation and a few others.

SAS tools and Analytics

The above list is not by any mean comprehensive. Please visit SAS institiute website for latest information.

 Getting started with Base SAS.

SAS has a few windows to facilitate specific tasks

  • Program Editor or Enhanced Editor: Writing SAS codes for getting a specific things done
  • Output Window: SAS prints output to a SAS output window
  • Explorer Window: For checking SAS datasets and folders
  • Log Window: SAS prints program log in this window.. Data Analyst must check Log window first even before checking & validating output


SAS windows


SAS Dataset: overview

 How to assign a libname in SAS?

Find a list of SAS datasets in a folder

SAS Datasset variable attributes


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