Domain Know How: Banking -Mortgage Loan Overview

Mortgage or Home Loan: overview

What are the different types of mortgage loan?

What is mortgage loan life cycle?

Marketing Strategy to grow Mortgage Business

 How to calculate Customer Life Time Value  (CLTV) for mortgage customers?

Reverse Mortgage Loan: find drivers of customer attrition using decision tree

Big Data Analytics – Driving value using unstructured data

Big Data has 3 important dimensions – VolumeVariety and Velocity to add Value to the organizations. In the article data Variety dimension will be explored and discussed to understand how Big Data adds value the organizations.

Data Variety can be segmented into two groups –Structured Data such as customer age, income and name, and Un-structured Data such as customer calls, emails, social media comments and tweets, and videos.

The unstructured data can be used to augment the information availability to generate more accurate insights, or it can be used on its own to generate insights. The big data analytics plays an important role in both the aspects.Details

 Leveraging Big Data Analytics across Customer Life Cycle for Retail Bank

C3 Customer Engagement Score for Online Behaviour